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Are you thinking about applying for the International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM)? If you’re curious about other students’ experiences or about prospects as an IBCoM alumn, this app is perfect for you! This app allows you to get in contact with current students and alumni from IBCoM and the related master programmes.

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A selection of testimonials

  • Inge Lamberts

    IBCoM enables me to learn and develop myself in an international classroom which gives me different insights and perspectives, in order to form my own critical opinion about the dynamic world we live in today.

              Inge Lamberts
              IBCoM student in year 2
  • Roshni Hendrian

    IBCoM is the first subject I’ve come across that really binds together all my interests of media, politics, mass communication among so many more – I’m excited every single day to work on my courses, which is a really great feeling.

              Roshni Hendrian
              IBCoM student in year 2
  • Anya Maurus

    IBCoM gives you a close sense of community that lets you speak your mind about all different kinds of issues.

              Anya Maurus
              IBCoM student in year 2
  • Haylee Kelsall

    IBCoM is providing me with the tools, knowledge and practical experience I need to realize my future aspirations

              Haylee Kelsall
              IBCoM student in year 3

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